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The publication of record for Medicare
and Medicaid since 1974.
(45 Weekly Issues)

A federal appeals court once dubbed the complex tangle of Medicare rules "among the most completely impenetrable texts within human experience" - and savvy health care professionals not only have to keep track of ever-changing requirements, they also must stay abreast of what Congress and CMS have in store for the future.

Medicare Legislation and Regulation is your one-stop shop for the latest news and analysis on where it's at and where things are heading in the complicated world of Medicare policy making.

From new bills on Capitol Hill to CMS program directives that could change the way you do business, our editors will give you the straight scoop on the latest Medicare developments - 45 times a year.

With Medicare Compliance & Regulation, you'll see the red flags, avoid the pitfalls and be the first to know every week:

  • What the latest Medicare regulatory changes mean for each provider type
  • Who Congress will pick on when it needs to slash spending, and who's about to receive a windfall
  • What providers can do to maximize their Medicare reimbursement
  • Where antifraud investigators are pinpointing their efforts
  • What CMS is and is not telling its contractors

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